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144 EP
144 EP

144 EP

Vivus Records - VRV011
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Haokah, one of the most intriguing names hailing from the wonderful Romanian minimal scene, are the authors of the 11th installment of Vivus Records. The duo is very well known in the local scene for their mesmerizing live sets and Vivus is proud to host them for this electrifying release.

The start of the EP is engaging to say the list. The first track, Engage, sets off rather calm but steadily increases. That crescendo serves perfectly to prepare the listener for the second track here, Between The Lines. The bass hits you hard from the beginning while the perfect storm of background noises, coupled with a recurring but discreet vocal takes things to another level.

The third track has the EP’s name, 144, and for good reason. It is the most introspective affair yet, but it also has that pulsating bass that will keep you constantly wanting more. You can almost see the sunrise at a beach afterparty somewhere at the seaside with 144 in the background. Finally, on Ever Lasting, we have lift off. In this spacey affair, full of cosmic noises, it feels as if something magical is around the corner: the acid touch does wonders, the eclectic background noises blend in perfectly and the 144 spaceship has truly taken off.

Cat: VRV011

Format: 12 Inch Vinyl Only Features: 180g

Release: 2022-01-24

RPM: 33⅓

Style: House: Minimal

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