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Adepto Idea EP
Adepto Idea EP

Adepto Idea EP

Deep House / Minimal
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We extend our catalog with a fresh addition from our Spanish friend QILI and his aerial tone mark. He makes the move with no hesitation and instigate a rigid line of skittered kicks which are quickly shadowed by diving basal sounds. An arrangement of scratchy tones create a driving frame for this composition. It's an adulteration between dance-floor oriented and atmospheric states. Half way through, the rhythm is soaking into a melodic footing with subsequenting keys that are merely audible in the background. A more mellow experience is due on A2. Liquid patterns and bird like shots, makes the audition to be more laid back and relaxed. QILI left some room for your own thoughts and a very lofty feeling. Over turning this records brings us to Suolo's aphotic comprehension of the Lup Vechi'. A very compressed selection of kicks & snare in a company of jangling percussions and bleeps. The crystalline keys is the fragment that keeps the resemblance between the two artists. Astral and stretched vocals is something that gets under the skin on this one. A mastership that belongs to sepulchral locations with a whale of gramophones

Код продукта: AFRV003

Format: 12 Vinyl Only

md MD

Release: 2018-08-27


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