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Basic Moves 04
Basic Moves 04

Basic Moves 04

Dj Booth
Basic Moves
Deep House / Electro
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Last summer during an evening spent with my friend Dj Topha, we came upon the everlasting subject of old versus new. 'I'm finding so much great music right now, and not just digging back in time but exploring our own timeline geographically too,' he said, 'The level of production these days is rising fast. You have to check out these snippets from a new label based in Casablanca.' m Not long after, in an interesting twist of fate, Driss Bennis and I began to exchange music: I shared his Soundcloud for the first Casa Voyager release, and he sent me a promo copy which I played out a lot. It seemed only logical to ask him for music for Basic Moves. Later that summer we met in Paris for a convivial back to back at Dawidu's shop, Te Iubesc Records and Sapology. It was as simple as that, and in a few weeks Basic Moves 04 was ready. Night Train and Overseas blew me away by their quality - the tracks are retro-esque yet fresh, and stem from a loose approach to electro. Their arrangements are very smart; not everything is revealed the first time round. The more you listen, the more you understand that the power of the tracks lies in the details. Together with Ailsa's artwork, Stefan's cut and Chris' mixes the release fell so smoothly into place. 

I have come to realise how important it is for the scene to release recently produced music as well as treasures from the past. You can't build a community by only playing old records. It's about a combination, about finding gems that glide together. Old and new. And for that, I think both these DJ Booth tracks really fit the bill.

Код продукта: BM004

Format: 12 inch Vinyl

be BE

Release: 2018-03-05


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