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Edition 2
Edition 2
Various Artists

Edition 2

Bread And Butter Recordings - BBR002
Format: 12 Inch Vinyl Only   RPM: 33⅓
Release: 2020-08-17   Style: House / Minimal

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We kick things off on the A-side with Rowlanz. The track is called Colours which transcends into the music itself. From the get go there is a perfect arrangement of layers. The tribal and progressive nature of the synths, accompanied with bird like pads takes us deep through the Jungle into an unknown land. The breakdown is truly hypnotic. You get completely lost turning off from the world around you. It’s safe to say this is some of our favourite work from Rowlanz to date as the artist stays true to form.

Bucharest’s Direkt’s follows on the A2. This is a track that instantly grabs your attention with a definitive thunderous kick coupled with a dubby raw bassline. Dark and mysterious pads and harmonic stabs lend to the track brilliantly. Layer and upon layer unfolds. It is the sort of track which will be completely transformed when played on a big system taking on a new entity and meaning.

On the B-side Sublee, an artist who needs very little introduction. With recent releases on Rowle, RE.FACE and Baumbaum Label. His ability to experiment and play with sounds is really something to behold. Simpa has got a bomb written all over it from the off as the track explodes with deep driving kicks and a hypnotic grooving bassline. The track twists and turns as new elements are introduced with the skipping hats and percussion to keep the energy.

Last but certainly not least Vern steps up the plate bringing a more relaxed feel to the close of the EP. Pads and synths paint a picture of wondrous temples of ancient lands. Skipping hats coupled with a mellow continuous bassline keeps you moving. Intricate wind pipes, chimes and strings can be heard throughout to create moments of peace. It’s very easy to get lost in absolute contentment.

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