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Celestial Airwaves EP
Celestial Airwaves EP
Los Bastoneros

Celestial Airwaves EP

Re.Face Limited - REFACELIMITED008
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RE.FACE LIMITED opens the doors of its vast musical panorama to the Romanian trio of Los Bastoneros. Their entitled "Celestial Airwaves" EP features majestic dreamy progressions, tight grooves and emotional synths, drenched with meticulous research for the ultimate epic soundscape. The Romanian trio is not afraid of exploring all the facets of the spectrum, leaving, at last, the throne to Sublee, able again to create his own realm of smoothed sounds and fairytale atmospheres.


Format: 12 Inch Vinyl Only

Country: it IT

Release: 2020-09-02

RPM: 33⅓

Style: House / Tech

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