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Echilibru EP
Echilibru EP

Echilibru EP

Aforisme - AFRV006
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The time has come for Suolo to revisit Aforisme’s shelves. Time passes and the outputs from the Bucharest-based artist are achieving a league of its own, with Echilibru EP being another chapter of the artist’s sonic adulthood. Keeping things simple: two efficient compositions, harmonised layers, out of sound experiences, all of them under the roof of a distinct and appealing idea. EP named track - Echilibru - outsets gradually and its elements sink in the most subtle ways. They don’t go too far from what the usual Suolo would bring to your ears, yet every piece that comes from him is particular in its own way. All of them together are just pages of a bigger book. With a bass that dominant, a lead pad lurking between the low and high, some casual yet organised whispers, Echilibru epitomises a very danceable melancholy. The unison of everything mentioned above lets us explore beyond the initially set limits as more time you spend listening, farther it takes you into the world of abundant emotions. Safe to admit that if you take the drums out of Suolo’s tracks, they become adventurous movie soundtracks. That’s exactly what happens during Pyunik, not only would it be adventurous without drums but also incinerates a state of internal wandering. While both the artist and listener are looking for paths during the process of composition/audition, they cross very often on the B side of this record. The elements are all from Suolo’s list of usual suspects, yet Pyunik is the proof of his mastery at recycling the so familiar sounds into new states and emotional rollercoasters. B side is about the entourage created around the deeply ingrained kick. Heavy and competent. Would it suit a packed floor at 4am or an empty room audition in an intimate setting? We truly believe that Echilibru EP could fit both with zero back-thoughts. It’s full of energy and it gives you the full control on how to handle it.c

Cat: AFRV006

Format: 12 Inch Vinyl Only 180g

Release: 2020-12-13

RPM: 33⅓ 45

Style: House / Minimal

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