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Feel So Good Ep
Feel So Good Ep
Alex Rusu

Feel So Good Ep

Aforisme - AFRV002
Format: 12 Inch Vinyl Only   RPM: 33⅓
Release: 2017-12-08   Style: House / Minimal

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The following three-tracker release is one of those that are about to take you on a very clear ride. We will start with some tensioning and rising loops and will keep you up while the swiftly vibes are getting to you. With The first composition on A side, Alex won't give you a break - it's a one breath composition where you don't have any time for a second thought. When it looks like both chunky bass and kicks are going away - a very sharp-shaped and acidy synth will remain on the watch and will ensure the continuously driving thrill. Getting to the Second part of this side, what can we say, straight from the beginning a thick bass line makes it s introduction in order to lead you into some awakeness on a early morning on the dancefloor. Stepping into the game, Diferit on the remix for B side is bringing you a blend of both tracks u've heard before. Very rich in vibrations of different spectres and proveniences - from very clear and clean kicks to a bouncy bass line to the very zippy and zappy sounds of his unique style. The pleasure of having these two minds behind the second release of Aforisme is ours.

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