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Danzha - DNZ001
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Danzha begin the journey into audiophile territory with a glorious 4 track EP, in which these four gifted producers have contributed to the inception of an everlasting vision of pristine sound design.

Dunkler Boulevard initiates this elevated discourse of soundwaves with a seamless weaving of percussive elements into a futuristic soundscape, meant to transport the listener into a state of serenity and familiarity with the algorithmic grooves that intertwine flawlessly into this mystical atmosphere.

Following up with "Roots, Rock", Paul Walter describes with sounds the process and concept of blending the reggae dub vibe into the technical and precise micro house state of motion, thus he manages to alert the listener of a change in decorum whilst preserving the essence that brings forth an endless voyage into the transcendent state of active listening and introspective thinking.

The premise brought forth by Topper with the third installment entitled "Riders of the Lost Arp" is characterized by a stout structural validity and a resonance that links it in both variety and similitude to the aforementioned creations.

Last but not least, as an authentic "audiophilosophical" discourse, the storyline of "Jimmy the Killer" brings the journey to a conclusion that is a reflection of the more obscure corners of the mind and spirit that so many of us are afraid to explore, yet this composition incites the courage to drop the needle on its wax sculpted grooves in order to blend its darkness into the dancefloor and to soothe the senses of even the most pretentious of music lovers.

Danzha, the very definition of one of our innermost desires to dance, is waiting to be invoked into sanctuaries and clubs all over the world and to be savoured by those whose musical palette extends into unexplored and alluring territory

Cat: DNZ001

Format: 12 Vinyl Only 180g

Country: de DE

Release: 2021-02-15

RPM: 33⅓

Style: House / Minimal

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