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Northern Lights Ep
Northern Lights Ep
Cobblestone Jazz

Northern Lights Ep

It is what it is - IIWII016
Format: 12 Inch Vinyl / Repress   RPM: 33⅓
Release: 2019-08-15   Style: House / Minimal / Detroit

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It has been 13 years since Cobblestone Jazz debuted on the now infamous IIWII imprint, and in March of 2015 things will come full circle with the trio from Canada returning for the 16th release on the label where it all started. 'Northern Lights' features tight gated keys layered with complex harmonies and soaring pad swells. Equally suited for peak time and sunrise, it is an incredibly versatile piece for the crate and clocks in at an ever evolving 11+ minutes 'Drawn From The Side Of Crime' is found on the flip, and is another long and twisting musical journey running just shy of 13 minutes. Its foundation is a meditative bassline that rolls underneath for the duration. Hints of a beautiful modal Rhodes line tease throughout the arrangement, adding a complex depth to the fabric of the piece. These recordings were done in one pass over a three day period in 2013, and edits were culled this past winter. The record as a whole is arguably their most musical and expansive release to date, which all things considered is quite a statement in itself. Cobblestone Jazz are extremely proud to be sharing this release on the imprint from where they began.

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