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Profile Series 001
Profile Series 001
Various Artists

Profile Series 001

Muted Noise - MN004
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Our Muted Noise Profile Series 01 is molded to provide a broad and varied selection of musical minds from different creative paths who nevertheless share common interests in originality, attention to detail, and passion for crafting dance music with a superb sense of sophistication.

This record lays out four impressive original compositions including collaborative work between Halo Varga and Dewalta Willow (Vocal Mix) and marvelous solo arrangements by Faster [Sin Phonic], Sublee [Necunoscuti], and Dieru [Flashback]. Profile Series 01 also features the first appearance of the record label’s head on any Muted Noise 12” pressed series.

Each unique musical idea on our first Profile Series is a timeless expression of groove mastery and individual free-standing signature sounds. Each creative mind renders a solid dynamic range of dance floor-filling drums from track to track accompanied with swing-heavy organic percussion patterns, funk-focused basslines, trademark synth design, atmospheric richness, astute arrangements, and deep vocal melodies.

These artists’ refined individual visions combine to create a passionate and timeless first volume of the Muted Noise Profile Series—a delightful VA compilation for a wide range of vinyl collectors and serious dance music connoisseurs looking for a piece of music that never leaves the bag.

Cat: MN004

Format: 12 Inch Vinyl Only

Country: nl NL

Release: 0000-00-00

RPM: 33⅓

Style: House / Tech

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