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Remember Each Moment Of Freedom
Remember Each Moment Of Freedom

Remember Each Moment Of Freedom

Rough House Rosie - RHR014
Format: 12 inch Vinyl   RPM: 33⅓
Release: 2018-06-11   Style: Techno: Ambient

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Rough House Rosie starts its year by introducing Area, a project that has seen action on adventurous underground labels like Idle Hands, Sequencias, Ethereal Sound, and UMHS. The moody four track EP opens with sinuous acid house and a rubbery bassline techno stomper, then gets raw and abstract on the B side. Visceral and varied electronic music for the soul.

The headspace Area's Kimochi Sound label inhabits is very much compatible with that of Rough House Rosie, and both labels have similar legacies of championing unsung talents. Now Area appears on Rough House Rosie with some of his beguiling abstractions on the deep, smoked out techno blueprint, and it's a match made in heaven. "Sweated" courses through a mysterious landscape of blown out low end riffs and distant textures, while "Still Moving Away" locks into a steadfast techno roll that complements the lingering notes hovering overhead. "Vicious Like A Koala" is a minimal workout based around an unusual drum set and a looming one-note bassline, and "Tessellated Rhubarb" finishes the EP off with some haunting ambient musings.

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