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The Cyclist


Tape Throb - TTR006
Format: 12 Vinyl Only   RPM: 33 ⅓
Release: 2018-02-19   Style: Lo-Fi / Deep House / Electronica

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Filled with unique nuances and creative vocal sampling, knee rattling bass and a sprinkle of synthesisers which hum and snap, enter Requite the latest offering from Tape Throb puppeteer and master of distortion The Cyclist. Progress through tracks which dip their rhythmic toes into techno, no wave and psychedelia, bridged across the divide by the artistic tropes of a musician who knows both his stamp and his reach. Dissimilar and yet united, material and yet transient, Requite is a favour returned from an adherence to the Andrew Morrison project, a response for the love which bent brass and set bones in motion. A flourish; now for the attentive Requite.

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