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Rest & Peace
Rest & Peace

Rest & Peace

Subtil - SBTL022
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Subtil is back with the "Rest & Peace" EP, marking a new and totally different approach for the imprint.

"Rest & Peace" results from their intentions to release something different from what they typically do and gather music to listen to outside of the club ecosystems. Embracing a more musical, experimental, and definitely peaceful character, this EP is will cater to the introspective moments or those cozy hours with your favorite ones.

Subtil had some leftover covers from previous releases from the past few years and thought it was an excellent opportunity to use them for the release. Combining the "rest" of their covers and music created with "peace" in mind, "Rest & Peace" is a unique and unusual collection of tracks and a bold musical statement from Subtil's key producers.

Cat: SBTL022

Format: 12 Inch Vinyl Only

Release: 2021-12-17

RPM: 33⅓

Style: Easy Listening

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