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Sis Admin

H24 - H24002
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First H24 Records EP brings in the spotlight, OMUL, a new name from the russian underground music scene. Sis admin EP adds to the minimal music library 3 Rostov homemade tracks signed by OMUL and one remix from the French musical Cuisine by Lukea.
Sis admin, as the name suggests, is a midnight run through circuits and early 2000's microhouse sounds. High bpm, lo(w)-fi, you’re in control from the beginning of the EP.
Saludo invites you to chit-chatting, with a warm iberian sunset in front of you. Nothing unpredictable, just warm up the dance floor!
Chigol steps forward with a deep hypnotic bass interleaved with sonar beeps. The track guides you through the unknown as a musical echolocation journey.
The remix of Sis Admin highlights of the young french talent, Lukea. With rominimal influences and a strong sound construction, he manages to end EP in a soulful atmosphere. [info sheet from distr.]

Cat: H24002

Format: 12 Inch Vinyl LTD

Country: fr FR

Release: 2020-08-12

RPM: 33⅓

Style: House / Minimal

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