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Giorgio Maulini
Fantastic Friends
House / Tech
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It's been almost three years since our good friend Giorgio Maulini made his first appearance on the label. Since then, it's only been upwards and onwards for the young talent, between founding his own imprint and events label "Underground Town" and becoming a Modernity resident, to name only a few achievements.

Spaceport is a driving yet fairly stripped-back piece of music, somewhere in between tech-house and micro-house. The omnipresent synth riff is a backbone to a solid groove just right for buillding up towards middle of the night intensity. Atmospheric synth chords bring a delicate third dimension to the track for an overal well-balanced work, nice job!

On the remix, we couldn't be happier to welcome an artist who has been making serious waves with a very specific, easy to recognise signature-style: Mr Silat Beksi. The feel is slightly nastier and dirtier than the original and the energy is taken down a notch. Listen as your brain is teased and seduced by the female vocal FX braking the monotony and lovely delicate keyboard patterns contribute to a rich clever arrangement.

Код продукта: FFRLIMITED023

Format: 12 Inch Vinyl

ch CH

Release: 2020-06-16

RPM: 45


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