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The Gentle Killer
The Gentle Killer

The Gentle Killer

Was / Is
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The Was/Is crew have proven themselves to be dab hands at burrowing away at the hidden folds of the 90s electro scene and finding some truly unsung heroes worth of a reissue. Following on from excellent work supporting the likes of Archetype, the US label can now be found shining a spotlight on the work of Can Oral under the 4E moniker. Originally appearing on labels such as Force Inc and Mille Plateaux, 4E's sound was quintessentially mid-90s, but only surfaced over a short period of time between 1994 and 1998. This record originally came out on Sockett in 1996, and it's been sought after as avid diggers pull out every thread of dope, adventurous electro they can find. Discogs pirates laugh no more, because now this essential record is back in the hands of the real music fans!

Код продукта: WI03

Format: 12 Vinyl Only

us US

Release: 2018-02-12


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