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Translations 1 (Appleheadz Remix)
Translations 1 (Appleheadz Remix)
Primitive, Appleheadz

Translations 1 (Appleheadz Remix)

Neotropiq - NTQ002
Format: 12 Inch Vinyl Only   RPM: 45
Release: 2019-11-30   Style: House / Detroit

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While the London underground house music scene was blossoming through the mid-nineties, the English city of Sheffield had also made its mark on international music culture. Out of the Warp Records camp, emerged Chris Duckenfield and Richard Brown’s project, Swag (not to be confused with South London’s Swag Records), whose early releases on Jus’ Trax cemented them as go-to remixers between the late 90s to early naughties. After Neotropiq’s Asad Rizvi, aka Silverlining, met Chris in person, they exchanged numbers, and soon enough, decided to swap remixes. After Swag remixed a release by Appleheadz (a project between Asad with Charlie Inman and Kester Lyddon) for Loaded Records, Chris asked them to remix something off their now legendary Primitive label. The result was this swingy, atmospheric and bassline-driven slice of deep house, that has been in high demand on Discogs for a few years now. On the flip, is another acid-tinged groover by Appleheadz track that originally came out on their Moontan EP on Reverberations. Don’t sleep on this as it is likely to fly out fast!

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