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Udacha 4
Udacha 4

Udacha 4

Deep House
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Four records in, and "dreamy" still seems the best way to describe Udacha. Since opening 2012 year, the Russian label has managed to achieve this aesthetic from several different angles. Udacha 1 was full of glassy organs and resonant bass; 2 had nature-like ambience and intricate drumming; 3 was built upon cheerful, nostalgic synths. Pjotr's effort is different again, offering up bottom-heavy house and gauzy, insubstantial melodies. But as before, things remain well-arranged, pretty and organic-sounding. 

Underpinned by muffled, lopsided percussion, "Sky is the Limit" sees siren-like synths—that's the Greek kind, not a fire truck—wending their way through cascading chords. "I See" is similarly restrained, warbling notes accentuating the borders of intricately-arranged hats and claps. The vocal sample that infrequently joins the fray is also quite nice. The remaining two tracks really let loose, targeting the dance floor much more directly. "Marïya" almost sounds like the work of Moomin, delayed chimes and scuffling percussion constantly interacting without seeming to change their identities much. "True Spirit," meanwhile, has just a hint of jack to it, with fat drums carrying washed-out chords and elegant strings gently forward.

Код продукта: UDACHA004

Format: 12 Vinyl Only

ru RU

Release: 2013-01-22


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