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Robert David


Unfelde Records - UFDV003
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Love Manifesto, our 3rd vinyl only release, is Robert David's artistic expression, and an introspection in the meaning of Love. What is love in all it's forms, how we accept or deny it, how society can change the meaning of it and deform it. This is a very special project in which the artist crossed over the realms of sound by creating a painting that was done in paralel with the original tracks, absolutely with no intention of becoming the cover of the project. But somehow it fitted perfectly. With the Minimal and the Romanian sound being at the root of the project, the 2 remixes from Argenis Brito and Macarie, complete the picture and the trip in which we invite you to dive in and hopefully enjoy the "madness" of it, as we did.

Peace and Love
Unfelde Records

Cat: UFDV003

Format: 12 Inch Vinyl Only

Release: 2021-04-08

RPM: 33⅓

Style: House / Minimal

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