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Club Cage EP
Club Cage EP

Club Cage EP

Memoria Recordings - MEM057
Format: 12 Inch Vinyl   RPM: 33⅓ 45
Release: 2024-02-09   Style: House: Minimal /Tech

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Memoria Recordings is proud to present MEM057, an electrifying vinyl record that will transport you to the heart of the underground electronic scene. Dive deep into the world of Romanian maestro RQZ as he takes you on an exhilarating journey through the pulsating rhythms of "Club Cage."

A1: Get ready to be enveloped by the hypnotic grooves of "Cage Beam." RQZ crafts a sonic cage that captures your senses, allowing you to lose yourself in the relentless beats and ethereal melodies.

A2: Secret Fantasies beckons with a seductive blend of lush synths and tantalizing percussion. Let RQZ be your guide as you explore the hidden realms of electronic music, where desires are unveiled one note at a time.

B1: As the needle hits the B-side, "Eden in Dub" invites you to a blissful oasis of sound. Immerse yourself in the dub-infused rhythms and let the music wash over you, creating a sense of euphoria that's bound to linger.

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