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While You Sleep EP
While You Sleep EP

While You Sleep EP - TTZ002
Format: 12 Inch Vinyl   RPM: 33⅓
Release: 2023-09-01   Style: House: Minimal

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play all is back with its second release, signed by Crihan. "While You Sleep EP" finds Alin shaping three slow-burning and hypnotic pieces of minimal dance music brimming with detail deeply rooted in the early years of organic micro-house.

A-side's 'The Visitor' (A1) opens the EP emersed in engrossing, cinematic textures and heavy doses of syncopated acoustic drum samples. Elements ebb and flow on top of a highly minimalistic 4/4 structure, creating a contemplative locomotive composition reminiscent of the a-rpia-r school.
Flip-side's 'Lust' (B1) feels like a continuation of the previous track - driving, mysterious, mesmerizing - bubbling with vocal samples, orchestral textures, and a distinctly subtle micro-house swing. 'The Chase' (B2) closes the EP with a fresh rhythmic flavour: odd drum arrangements and melodic sequences take centre stage, flowing on top of rolling basslines of deeply enigmatic character. Introspective piano chords razor through its swingy rhythmic patterns, folding the sonic space with elegance, proving Alin's innate talent for avant-guard minimal music.

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