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Analog Concept - ANCPT00
Format: 12 Inch Vinyl Only   RPM: 33⅓
Release: 2024-01-26   Style: House: Electro /Tech

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Rekab arrives on the shores of Analog Concept Records in a sense-satisfying, lush style with the Concept EP.

There's a lot packed into these 4 tracks, as the record spins full circle emitting sonic intricacy for both the mind and the floors.

Right away, vividly soothing and atmospheric hybrids of downtempo breakbeat electronica with a bit of ambient techno personality blissfully charm the experiences on Concept 1 and 2, while the B side extends the cosmic joyride with the soul permeating chords and therapeutic electro of Concept 3; and of course there is fun where there is mystery, hence a 909 and ambient house flavoured remix of the third Concept from the always impressive yet very elusive Convextion aka E.R.P.

Curated with purpose, mastered with love.

Treat your ears and electronic sets to the vision of Rekab's Concept, up next on vinyl for the exclusive Analog Concept Records.

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