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Honne Music - HMV04
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Honne Music is pleased to announce our next vinyl release (HMV04), once again a compilation of different artists; managing to put together a good musical variety for all tastes. On side A we have the old school teacher and legend Steve O' Sullivan with his track "Keep Me Waiting" which is a start to finnish master class and a perfect example of how to express multiple feelings through music. Complementing that side is our friend and incredible person RQZ with his track "Blow Out", touches of mystery and seriousness is what describe this track the best and of course a perfect groove to start heating up any dance floor. Side B start with another good friend from many years ago, Dot with his track "Against All Odds" a track with a lot of aggressiveness, sophisticated drums, dope and progressive bassline, and to finish side B we have a family member Louiv with "Thoughtful Moment" and as the name indicates, a perfect track to get you thinking about life, a track that makes you feel many emotions once you hear it, the power of the bassline and those subtle enveloping pads that go in and out throughout the track can transport you to any memory no matter how remote it may be.

Cat: HMV04

Format: 12 Inch Vinyl Only

Country: mx MX

Release: 2021-01-29

RPM: 33⅓

Style: House / Minimal

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