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Rep Episode EP
Rep Episode EP
Krif, Charbonnier

Rep Episode EP

Lilas Records - LILAS005
Format: 12 Inch Vinyl Only   RPM: 33⅓
Release: 2023-11-03   Style: House: Tech

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Lilas Records Unleashes Third Installment, Featuring Pioneering Talent: Tarek Charbonnier and Krif — Lilas Records, the vanguard of underground house music, proudly announces the release of its highly anticipated third project. The brainchild of label founders and revered "Into the Woods" residents, Tarek Charbonnier and Krif, this latest offering transports listeners on a sonic journey echoing the vibrant essence of their signature London sets. Their distinctive soundscapes have thrived within the enigmatic embrace of warehouses and clandestine party spots.

Hailing from the heart of London but now firmly rooted in Montpellier, Lilas Records' latest release is a testament to the duo's unwavering commitment to shaping the future of electronic music. Drawing inspiration from their illustrious careers, Charbonnier and Krif's original productions are set to captivate audiences, uniting diverse elements into an immersive auditory experience.

In an electrifying collaboration, Lilas Records enlists Romanian DJ luminaries Cristi Cons and Nu Zau to reimagine these cutting-edge compositions. With an illustrious history in shaping the electronic music landscape, these maestros bring their distinctive flair to the table, ensuring a riveting reimagining of Charbonnier and Krif's groundbreaking work.

Limited to an exclusive run of 300 copies, this release has already garnered fervent support from a distinguished roster of industry heavyweights including Raresh, Reiss, Ramona Yacef, NTFO, Enzo Siraguza, Silat Beksi, and more. Lilas Records' third offering stands poised to make an indelible mark on the global underground music scene.

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