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Freaks EP
Freaks EP
Tagir, Alexey Orlov

Freaks EP

Anva Records - ANVA002
Format: 12 Inch Vinyl Only   RPM: 33⅓ 45
Release: 2024-02-02   Style: House: Minimal

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ANVA Records makes a triumphant return after a 5-year hiatus, and the spotlight is on the prolific Alexey Orlov, joining forces with his closest ally and ANVA label owner, Tagir. "Freaks EP" showcases both producers in top form, offering a 3-track EP of sophisticated dancefloor cuts. Rekindling their collaborative magic from a previous EP on Slowdance in 2016, Orlov and Tagir seamlessly blend their talents, demonstrating a history of innovation and boundary-pushing within the realms of minimal house and minimal techno.

"Freaks EP" unveils a musical landscape characterized by sharp drum programming, resonant bass synths, intricate, atmospheric samples, modular sweeps and cosmic swells that unite in unison and submerge the listener into a pool of uniquely organic machine sounds. The result is an immersive trip through minimized dance music reminiscent of the golden era of abstract, organic minimalism, spearheaded by a Chilean master who requires no introduction. ANVA Records' return with "Freaks EP" is a treat for minimal enthusiasts and a standing testament to the enduring creativity of Orlov and Tagir.

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