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Various Artists 002
Various Artists 002

Various Artists 002

Sophisticated Curiosity - SOCUR002
Format: 12 Inch Vinyl Only   RPM: 33⅓
Release: 2022-04-14   Style: House: Minimal

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Profit from the sales will be sent to Volunteer foundation to support refugees
Sophisticated Curiosity brings open-minded people from all over the world together
Second release соntains 4 gems from international musicians:

Side A

"The Room With Pipelines" produced by music producer and live performer from Hungary - Coloboma.
He is musically influenced by jazz ambient and experimental music, but also loves minimal and several aspects of electronic music. His sound is frequently reinvented to incorporate various styles, which better allow to express his dynamic and colorful musical mind.
"The Room With Pipelines" is inspired by a place in a basement of a hospital. The track was written trough summer and many of the sounds were born in that dark, hot and humid room where countless pipelines running trough the ceiling. Long story short - Sleepless nights, mysteries and a hint of chaos.
"In Her Dreams" produced by well known member of Romanian community - Crihan (ака Discret Popescu, Modest Ionescu)
A very emotional, delicate flying pad envelops a leisurely rhythm, deep bass and voices, pronounced in a whisper, beckon you on a journey, consistently immersing the listener in a whirlwind of emotions. It will make you worry and be absolutely calm at the same time.

Side B

Dubfound is a Moldova based producer & DJ. Owner of vinyl labels Swoon , Nurum and Zimotik. He releasing his tracks on a labels such as Sleep Is Commercial, Cadenza, Vinyl Club, Fox Trax, aNBu Music, Nervmusic Records, Rawax.
In the title of the track, as we can notice, the main vocal sample of Dmitry's own voice is "Pichka" - his dog's name. Minimalistic and rhythmic, with drops of deep basses, hypnotic pads and percussion.
The curiosity of her nature led Russian musician Anushka to SAE Institute in Barcelona where she got a degree in sound engineering. This is where she first had an idea to create a music label dedicated to avant-garde, experimental music and spoken word. Her selection is not easily defined, given her passion for a wide range of music and styles: from techno to hip-hop.
As Anya said this track is a flashback to her favorite season - "Indian summer" a winding pumping rhythm with glitched noises and effects. A little bit meditative, but very danceable

Mastering by: Pheek
Artwork by: Helga Nikitina

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