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Fusion EP
Fusion EP

Fusion EP

Daniel Broesecke
Vivus Records
House / Minimal
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After in 2018 he released his debut vinyl-only EP on Vivus alongside Silat Beksi, it was due time for Daniel Broesecke to take things into his own hands and he does just that with his first solo effort, backed by a very strong Vlad Arapasu remix.

We kick things off with the title track some heavy bass lines that will grab your attention instantly. As the track goes on, layer after layer is added and the result is a very smooth journey seasoned with an exquisite vocal deep in the background.

Next up we have Lockdown and here Daniel is a little more playful. You can feel it from the beginning, with some distinguishing percussions and idiosyncratic noises that give you a sense of urgency. As the minutes go by, a dark and enigmatic background noise is added and it call comes wonderfully together.

The curtain-closer is Vlad Arapasu’s interpertation of Fusion and it is an charming and meticulous effort by the Romanian producer. This is a whole different story with a complete different but all the same amazing bass line. Vlad Arapasu has managed to keep what made the original such a lovely track and add a misty layer over it, making it somehow more dark but also something that gets your feet going at the same time.

Код продукта: VRV007

Format: 12 Vinyl Only 180g

de DE

Release: 2019-12-30


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