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Welcome to the Planet H
Welcome to the Planet H

Welcome to the Planet H

Swiftness - SWIFT002
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The Swiftness continues with Bucharest based act Heerd, as we are letting our imagination run through space with the speed of light, leaving our captive bodies behind. As we prepare to venture into the unknown , we start off with STANDARD ORBIT, a calming yet energetic thrust that passes though time and space. We then drive past the infamous SOYUZ 40 capsule , a relic which envisions man's desire to reach for the stars. We also encounter the only blue planet with evidence of life. Upon entering its atmosphere we can feel the strong magnetic pull of the PULSAR SWING. After landing on this newly discovered world , we notice light particles behave differently from what we used to see back on Earth. The ultraviolet rays pass through a REFRACTION layer in the atmosphere.

Cat: SWIFT002

Format: 12 Inch Vinyl Only

Country: ro RO

Release: 2020-10-28

RPM: 33⅓

Style: House: Minimal

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